Millions of people with disabilities deserve access
to your web presence. We can make that happen.


You don’t discriminate.
Does your website?

We believe the internet is for everyone. Unfortunately, for millions of people, that isn’t reality. Legally, if your company employs more than 15 people, your website must be accessible to people with disabilities. Chances are, if you don’t know if your site is accessible, it isn’t. We can help keep your company safe from discrimination lawsuits, as well as make your content available to people who use screen readers, need larger type, aren’t able to use a mouse, are prone to epilepsy, are color blind, and more.

How We Work

We run a free scan of your website using several third-party applications to see how compliant it currently is. This will give us a great indication of how much work needs to be done to get your website legal.
Based on our findings, we dig deeper to see how much time and effort it will take to make your site “discrimination-free” and as accessible as possible. We then present you with a quote and timeline!
We get to work! Using a unique combination of human and AI, we modify your current site to get it access-tastic! We then install an accessibility dashboard to allow guests with disabilities to tweak to their individual needs.
Let the world know! We provide you with social media content, a “Seal of Accessibility” to use in your marketing, a branded press release, and an “Accessibility & Inclusion” page on your website. Showing your efforts will build brand loyalty and inspire others to follow suit.


  • IN2018...


    In 2018, the Department of Justice definitively stated that websites fall under the Americans w/Disabilities Act. US companies have since spent BILLIONS in discrimination lawsuits because their sites weren’t compliant!

  • IN 2019...


    In 2019, ADA statistics show that 2,256 lawsuits were filed in federal court by persons with disabilities based on web accessibility barriers.

  • IN 2020...


    In 2020, EVEN DURING COVID, digital accessibility lawsuits rose to over 3,500 cases, that’s almost ten lawsuits filed every business day in the United States.

  • ONLY 1/10


    At least 90% of websites are inaccessible to people with disabilities who rely on assistive technology. That is inexcusable.


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We run several scans of your site,
using third parties (so there’s no bias).
We present the results to you and
discuss what actions we recommend.

If you don’t know if your site is accessible,
chances are it isn’t! Best to be safe
and check for yourself.


$ Basedon audit

Our accessibility programmers get crackin’ on your website, installing special code to run a much more robust scan. Based on these findings, edits are made both manually and with AI. We add super descriptive captions to your images and videos that enrich your content for guests using screen readers (AND for search engines, as this also does wonderful things for SEO!).


$ Basedon site size
  • Accessibility Dashboard
  • Allows user adjustments
  • Keeps site accessible
  • Uses AI to keep compliant
  • Can end any time
  • Get it now

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