Manual VS. AI Accessibility

08 11-2018

You can definitely just install an accessibility widget that will technically make your site “compliant”. This will save you the cost of manual programming. However, in 2022 15% of the companies sued for web discrimination HAD one of these widgets!
These cheap widgets act as a one-size-fits-all “bandaid”, and their descriptions of images and videos are sometimes way off base. They don’t guarantee compliance.  When our ADA Web Pros are working out the kinks of your site, we do so with human eyeballs and minds, and are able to specifically describe the media in a way that actually benefits your brandand boosts SEO. For example: Imagine a website that sells eco-friendly oral care products. AI may describe a photo on their site as “Man in red shirt with blonde haired girl smiling next to toilet.” Accurate, maybe – but weird.  Our Web Pros would describe this image: “Eco-friendly man crouches down next to his young daughter in their bathroom, smiling as he helps her put natural toothpaste on her new bamboo toothbrush.”  Which one of these images would a blind guest connect with? Which one of these descriptions would a search engine also connect with?

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