We’re Unique

More than just ADA Compliance.

Web accessibility is a major component of what we offer our customers and partners, but that’s not where the benefit of partnering with ADAWebPros ends. Far from it. What we offer that other accessibility experts don’t is a practiced, proactive marketing plan that lets the world know about your new stance on non-discrimination. We use an alchemic mix of PR, Social Media, and eMail Marketing that helps build brand awareness and loyalty by showcasing your company as one that cares about people with disabilities, believes that inclusion matters, and is an Equal Access Company.


What is an Equal Access Company?

Once ADAWebPros have fully augmented your website and it passes WCAG 2.1 AA Standards making it ADA compliant, you are granted the permission to tout the trademarked “EQUAL ACCESS COMPANY” or “EQUAL ACCESS CITY” icon on your website, social media, business cards, signage, and more. This helps show the public that your company cares, believes that discrimination in all forms is wrong, an that you’ve taken extra strides to make your content and company’s mission inclusive.

You get PR…

Okay. Imagine this: your site is now fully ADA compliant, and your website is now accessible to the 50 million people in the US (let alone world) that have disabilities. It’s time to let the public know you care this much. The talented writers at ADAWebPros will put together a press release about your efforts, showcasing your company’s mission and why inclusion is important. We then blast that off to hundreds of publications and news outlets, both local and regional. We then track and report to you, over a 3 month period, how much traction it gets, and where your press release has made impact.

Want more than a single press release? Awesome. We can put together an entire PR campaign for your company. Let’s think BIG!

…Social Media…

We believe social media platforms are an incredibly effective way of showcasing how much your company cares about social issues. Consumers want to follow companies they believe have more than the bottom line in mind. This is where we prove you’re one of those companies. We offer custom, curated social media content that you can post on your own schedule, showing off your new stance on nondiscrimination. We can also add your “EQUAL ACCESS COMPANY” badge to your current header images, or supply you with all new header images created by our talented and award-winning designers.

Want more social media content? Good thinkin’. Let’s put together a custom package for your needs! We can supply you with as much as you’d like, including full-on management and ad campaigns.

…& eMail Marketing.

Our eMail Marketing department specializes in creating campaigns that showcase your company’s new Accessibility Standards. Using your contact list, we create an email blast campaign that will keep your contacts up to speed on what your business is doing, and what updates have been made to your website, as well as your mission.